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Work with US

Full time Employment
Eprashala is interested in employing needy ( physically and mentally challenged ) individuals with a aim to provide them a independent living in our new factory in Bhiwandi. Intrested individuals and NGO's working for such needy people kindly contact us at Eprashala@hotmail.com.

Part time Employment
Excellent opportunity to earn money, name, respect and serve the nation.
Eprashala is interested in appointing distributors, dealers and representatives in every district, town & village across the territory of Maharashtra.

Interested organizations kindly send your company profile & details of work experience and facilities available at your end to our email ID Eprashala@hotmail.com

Interested  individuals willing to operate as our representatives may send their resume and work experience details to the email ID Eprashala@hotmail.com.

Individuals and organizations working in the field of education and information technology will be given preference.
Communication by email will only be considered for evaluation. 

Following are our upcoming programs.

Eprashala rural computer education.

Eprashala build the nation program. 

Eprashala women protection program.