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"Eprashala" Providing cutting edge technology to rural education.

" Eprashala " Digital Classroom E Learning solutions. 
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For the last 6 years Eprashala has revolutionized  education in Maharashtra, providing quality educaiton to more than 5 lakh students studying in more than 1000 rural schools. We have not just been able to increase the headcount of such schools , but we have also seen a substantial difference in the passing percentage. Children are more eager to attend their schools for which we have been awarded with the Taskar Award from Marathi Vidgyan Parishad. Special thanks to Mr. Sandeep Gund from Digital school Pasthepada, Shahapur, Thane for creating awareness among schools allover Maharashtra, due to whom thousands of schools are now digital.
            In Maharashtra major private and semi government schools are shifting focus to ICSE and CBSE , as a result Marathi language is fast depleting in the state. Middle and lower Middle class parents are also preferring such private schools as a result it might not be long when we will have a generation of students who will be finding it difficult to read and write their own mother tongue. Marathi schools are hence restricted to just government schools and such schools are attended by children who belong to Below poverty line families. Hence it is a necessity to improve the situation of such government schools making them at power if not better than the private schools existing in such rural areas. Eprashala has been a part of this change, in many villages especially in Kolhapur we have a number of Zilla Parishad schools who out number private schools in the same village.  

Eprashala is developed specifically to impart quality  Education,  keeping in mind the needs of rural India where education is very difficult and implementation of technology is impossible due to lack of electricity. Operating on solar energy, it is the latest masterpiece of technology and most energy efficient product in its category,  yet extremely easy to handle and operate  and has literally zero maintenance and negligible running cost. The cost of consumables is also negligible. It has the potential to overcome all the hurdles persistent in current education system, and is a proven technology. 

Think Science NDTV "How Eprashala has changed the face of Rural Education " NDTV Delhi team visited Sandeep Gund's Digital school Pasthepada in Shahpur (Thane),  interviewed Gundsir his team and students on how Eprashala has changed the face of rural education.

Media Coverage

Lokmat February 2011

Maharashtra Times March 2011

In India it is very disheartening that children in rural places travel up to 5-6 km daily to their schools, and these schools do not have proper facilities to provide them proper education.Teachers of rural schools in villages and small towns receive low income so there is a possibility that teachers give less attention to children. Small children walk for hours to reach school on time and then just sit in schools and no body to teach them. There are schools where one single teacher is made to teach all the subjects, it is really very disheartening, and it is high time the situation must improve.

We at PC Clinic have developed a revolutionary device or a very new concept which we call " Eprashala " Where E stands for Electronic and Prashala means a big school in sanskrit". Our dream is that i want a Eprashala in every school across the entire country, which will not only make the child literate but also create a solid platform for him to compete in the global market.

Eprashala is a single 4 kg device based on LED projection technology, we have incorporated the computer system inside this device, we are using resonance speakers inside this device which will produce sound loud enough to be heard by 100 students sitting in a classroom. The computer system is a fanless system and uses a Solid state disk and run on linux or XP Operating system customized to run our E Prashala software which covers the entire syllabus from 1st to 10th, + it also has cultural & regional programs and Adult Education. We have the contents ready for this in 3 languages (English , Marathi & Semi English) which are popular in Maharashtra. The language used is very simple and easy to be understood at grass root level. The Eprashala will be programmed to run the particular lecture at a particular time as per the time table of the school. This device will have a chord less keyboard and mouse set for manual operation. We also have a electronic examination system with common questionnaire for the entire syllabus. Each student will have a remote controller which will be distributed according to the enrollment number before the E examination. A objective question will be displayed on the screen and the students have to select the option using the 4 buttons available on the remote within prescribed time, at the end of the exam the results will be displayed , student wise or question wise, so the teacher will be able to know the weaker students and also come to know the part of syllabus which needs to be revised again. These lectures can be conducted keeping their routine school timetable unaffected. The device is so simple to operate that any literate person can operate it.
We are also planning to develop a centralized administration system for such schools, where our device will be equipped with a broadband internet data card, thus we can upload the contents in these schools from one centralized locations. conduct centralized examinations. And we can also run educational & cultural programs for farmers and other elderly people on weekends for their education & upliftment .

The entire system is run on 100 watts led bulb and uses less than 110 watts of DC power which is supplied via Solar panels, as electricity in rural areas is a big concern. The projectors can run for 16 hours a day without a stop or overheating. Surprisingly this device despite of having so many features is very handy (310*240*120 mm) and weighs only 4.5 kg.

Explore & experience the enovative, enhanced, economical, enjoyable, emerging, essential electronic education, everyday everytime & for everyone.