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"Eprashala" Empowering Digital Education Through Innovation and Technology rural and urban.

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" Eprashala " Digital Classroom E Learning solutions. 


Eprashala has spearheaded a digital education revolution in India, transforming the learning experience for over 50 lakh students across 6000 schools. The innovative methodologies adopted by these schools have enamored students, reshaping their perspectives on education. Notably, Eprashala has not only boosted school enrollments but also significantly elevated pass rates and daily attendance. Our efforts were recognized with the esteemed Small Scale Industrialist Award (Taskar Award) from the Marathi Vidgyan Parishad year 2012. A special acknowledgment goes to Mr. Sandeep Gund of Digital School Pasthepada, Shahapur, Thane, whose advocacy has brought digital awareness to schools nationwide, catalyzing the digital transformation of thousands of educational institutions.
Across India, there's a noticeable shift in major private and semi-government schools towards ICSE and CBSE curricula. Consequently, local language schools face rapid decline—a trend mirrored worldwide. This shift is influenced by the preference of middle and lower-middle-class parents for private institutions. Unfortunately, this trajectory may lead to a future generation struggling to fluently read and write their native languages.

Vernacular schools are now primarily limited to government institutions, catering predominantly to children from economically disadvantaged families. It's imperative to uplift these government schools, striving to match, if not surpass, the quality of education offered by private counterparts in these regions. Initiatives like Eprashala play a pivotal role in this transformation. In places like Kolhapur, numerous Zilla Parishad schools have significantly higher student enrollments compared to private schools within the same locale.

Improving the conditions of government schools stands as a necessity, ensuring equitable education and preventing the potential loss of language proficiency among future generations.

Eprashala is a revolutionary solution tailored for the educational challenges faced in rural India. Designed to address the limitations posed by the lack of electricity, our system operates efficiently on solar power. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, it stands as the epitome of energy efficiency in its category, requiring minimal maintenance and boasting virtually zero running costs. Consumables expenses are also negligible.

Our solution not only surmounts the obstacles prevalent in the current education system but has also stood the test of time, proving its reliability. Discover how Eprashala transcends boundaries to empower education in even the most challenging environments.

Our New Solar Projector

Amazing Indians Times Now

Think Science NDTV "How Eprashala has changed the face of Rural Education " NDTV Delhi team visited Sandeep Gund's Digital school Pasthepada in Shahpur (Thane),  interviewed Gundsir his team and students on how Eprashala has changed the face of rural education.

Media Coverage

Lokmat February 2011

Maharashtra Times March 2011

In rural India, the educational plight of children is concerning. With daily treks of 5-6 km to under-equipped schools lacking proper facilities, the quality of education suffers. Teachers in these regions, having meager facilities, may struggle to provide adequate knowledge to their students. Consequently, young learners spend hours commuting only to sit in classrooms devoid of proper infrastructure. It's disheartening to witness scenarios where one teacher shoulders the responsibility of teaching multiple subjects to multiple grades.

Introducing "Eprashala" a groundbreaking solution poised to transform education. "E" symbolizes "Electronic," while "Prashala" denotes "Big school" in Sanskrit. Our vision extends to establishing Eprashala in every school nationwide, not just fostering literacy but also preparing children to compete globally.

Eprashala, a compact 1.5 kg device, utilizes LED projection technology housing a computer system. Employing resonance speakers, it delivers sound to accommodate 100 students in a classroom. The system, a fanless computer configuration with a Solid State Drive, operates on a customized Linux, Android or Windows OS running our comprehensive E-Prashala Elearning software. This software covers syllabi from grades 1 to 10, incorporating cultural, regional programs, and adult education. Content is available in English, Marathi, and Semi-English, ensuring accessibility at the grassroots level.

Scheduled to align with school timetables, Eprashala automates lectures, supplemented by a cordless keyboard and mouse for manual use. Additionally, an electronic examination system, facilitated by remote controllers for students, offers objective assessments. Results help identify weaker students and pinpoint areas requiring review, seamlessly integrating with the existing school routine.

Our plans extend beyond individual devices. A centralized administration system equipped with broadband internet connectivity will enable content updates, centralized examinations, and weekend educational programs for farmers and the elderly.

This entire system operates on a mere 50 watts of LED power, drawing less than 100 watts of DC power supplied by solar panels. Remarkably, despite its numerous features, the device remains portable (20 * 20 * 7 cm) and lightweight at only 1.5 kg.

Join us in embracing the innovative, enhanced, economical, and enjoyable electronic education - an essential for everyone, every day.

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